Feral Pigeons

feral-pigeonFeral pigeons roost on ledges, sloping roofs and under bridges, destroying insulation defacing surfaces and blocking pipes and gutters with droppings. In large numbers, pigeons can cause considerable nuisance from their droppings, nesting materials and general debris.

Pigeons have been shown to be infected with such disease as ornithosis and salmonellosis. There is little evidence to substantiate the claim that they transmit diseases to man.

Dealing with feral pigeons

The effective way to control pigeons in the long terms is to remove their food source and prevent them from roosting and nesting on buildings. A reduction in food will not result in the birds dying of starvation. They will just breed less often or move away to another location.

What can you do?

  • Please do not feed the pigeons. Allow them to pursue a natural life of foraging for food
  • Food litter left lying around will also attract rats and other vermin
  • If you wish to feed birds, place birdseed on bird tables where a variety of species can gain access
  • It is sometimes possible to scare pigeons away letting them know that a location is not a suitable nesting site, for example placing a piece of string with silver foil attached in the allotted area has worked in some instances
  • Professional pest controllers may be able to prevent pigeons landing on roofs, balconies and other areas by utilizing many of the products available in pigeon proofing

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